About US:

Founded in Oct 2020, primarily covering Pakistani people (overseas and residents), Empowerers started as an online eCommerce education organization covering the education of how to earn online on eCommerce marketplaces including eBay, ETSY, Shopify, Amazon, Daraz, Fiverr, and Upwork.

Being the pioneer organization in the eBay marketplace education in Pakistan, to date, Empowerers is considered the most detailed and most advanced organization in the knowledge and skills of the eBay marketplace.

With the ample knowledge and skills on other marketplaces mentioned above, Empowerers mainly focuses on eBay due to its friendly start of business, the simple steps of earning, and versatility in product categories. 

Course Content:

1 Introduction

1.1 Questions to ponder

1.2 The Direction

1.3 Earning activity vs building a business

1.4 Introduction to eBay

1.5 Comparison of eBay with other markets

1.6 Comparison of eBay with Amazon

1.7 What is online arbitrage?  

1.8 What is dropshipping?  

1.9 Selling on stocks

1.10 Difference between dropshipping and online arbitrage

1.11 Expectations from eBay

1.12 Warning - Fee refund in 48 Hours.

2 High Selling, Profitable Product Research

2.1 Amazon to eBay

2.1.1 6 checks of product hunting "eBay filters: "1. Initial random search

2. Bestsellers of Amazon to eBay

3. Spy on other sellers

4. Spying on hunted product's competitors

5. Get through the suggested products in emails" "Categories to avoid:

2.1.2 Product sourcing from Amazon Amazon Checks:

2.2 25% overheads on buying price, keep 10% profit

2.3 Extensive practice session of hunting

2.4 Aliexpress to eBay

2.5 Wallmart to eBay

2.6 "Reference to DS websites and whole sellers

3 eBay Account Setup

3.1 Remote desktop/VPS Setup

3.2 VPN Overview

3.3 PayPal availability

3.4 Individual vs Business account

3.5 Local address/Contact number availability

3.6 User ID of your own choice

4 Listing

4.1 "Types of listing

4.2 Find best competitors with maximum sales to choose title

4.3 Image processing for listing

4.4 Description

4.5 Making business policy (Set shipping time)

4.6 Shipping exclusions

4.7 Listing promotion

4.8 Offers setup

5 Order Delivery

5.1 Sheets formation

5.2 Data mapping

5.3 Order processing

5.4 Shipping label creation

5.5 Sheet management

5.6 Tracking ID's management

5.7 Bluecare setup (Conversion of TBA Tracking ID's)

5.8 eBay fee and eBay order ID extraction

6 Customer Support

6.1 Collaboration with OD Team for day to day tasks

6.2 In time cancellation messages to OOS, Late delivery, Limited orders

6.3 Reminder messages to buyers not responding to cancellation messages

6.4 Cancel orders before it becomes overdue

6.5 Cases to face:

6.5.1 Item not received

6.5.2 Defective item

6.5.3 Not as described

6.6 To handle returns